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Need Motivation To Quit,
But Can’t Make It To That Smokers’ Support Group?

Then it’s time to get the doctor-invented, award-winning QT-Watch—it’s like having your own 24-hour support group—all with the simple press of a button.

An easy-to-use and stylish wristwatch designed to motivate the user to quit smoking  and remain smoke free.

Chicago — Health experts agree that motivational messages are effective to help people quit smoking and, more importantly, to stay quit*. The QuittingTime Watch (QT-Watch), invented by Neil Perlman, M.D. a practicing physician board certified in Internal Medicine, and Dan Mapes-Riordan, Ph.D. former NASA engineer, is like having your own 24-hour motivational support group—all with the simple press of a button.

The easy-to-use QT-Watch, from ElectroMed Technologies, looks and performs like a sports watch. However, it independently performs a variety of sophisticated functions designed to motivate the smoker to quit by using the following psychological tools: daily cigarette quitting goal; cigarette cessation grade; customized smoking cessation messages; cigarette delay timer and alarm; medication reminder alarms; “Cost saved” displays; and “Time from last cigarette” display.

Says Dr. Perlman, “The QT-Watch is the first product designed to help a smoker quit at his or her own pace and then help the ex-smoker stay quit. The science behind this watch is based on proven cessation therapies and over ten years of clinical experience.”


bulletCigarette Button—Records when a cigarette is being smoked. Also records information about the user’s smoking habits including number of cigarettes per day and daily cost of cigarettes. This information is used by the QT-Watch to determine daily goal and the appropriate motivational message for the user;
bulletQuitting Score—Gives the smoker a “grade” indicating the success of the user’s quitting efforts based on the user’s daily goal; score is on a 100-point scale;
bulletMessages—Displays a variety of motivational “quitting” messages custom-selected for the user based on the Quitting Score; will also continually display motivational quitting messages on the face, which will change every few minutes;
bulletCigarette Delay Timer—Encourages the user to delay lighting a new cigarette. Designed to prevent chain smoking;
bulletCigarette Alarm—A random cigarette alarm may trigger, encouraging the user to put the cigarette out early. The frequency of the alarm increases if the user has smoked more than his or her daily goal;
bulletMedication Alarms—Designed to increase compliance with the nicotine patch or smoking cessation pills;
bulletInformation Button—Provides a variety of data including the smoker’s daily cigarette allowance, cigarettes smoked so far that day, time last cigarette was smoked, elapsed time since last cigarette was smoked, user’s current Quitting Score, and the total money saved by the user as a result of the user’s quitting efforts;

Adds Dr. Perlman, “These functions continue to work indefinitely so a former smoker will be perpetually rewarded for smoking cessation and encouraged to remain smoke-free.”

The QT-Watch has a suggested retail price of $99.95 and is available for purchase at, by calling 312/458-9769, and at a growing number of retail locations, including Dakota Watch stores. The QT-Watch comes with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty, online service and technical support. It is available in both a wristwatch and clip-on version in a number of stylish colors. With their purchase, customers will receive a monthly “QuittingTime” e-newsletter featuring recent studies, frequently asked questions and answers, doctor advice, and other information to help them in their quest for a smoke-free life.

The QT-Watch received a 2002 “Citation of Excellence” in the Design and Innovation Category from the American Watch Guild.

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ElectroMed Technologies is a manufacturer of portable, electronic devices designed to increase the health and well being of their users.

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