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Thanks for your interest in the QT-Watch Smoking Cessation System.

QT-Watch, wrist worn version

QT Watch
wristwatch (above)
key clip (below)

Quitting Time Watch - Key Clip Version

Created by Dr. Neil Bradford Perlman, the QT-Watch is designed to help monitor smoking cessation efforts and strengthen the resolve of those attempting to quit.

The QT-Watch is designed to work with the user by providing a realistic daily smoking schedule, a timer to delay the next cigarette, a cigarette alarm to extinguish certain cigarettes early and six different groups of messages to help the individual quit smoking. Additionally, the QT-Watch is designed to be worn for months after quitting to continually provide positive reinforcement to keep the user smoke free.

The QT-Watch has been helping people since 2002. We are happy to provide detailed information to any licensed medical practitioner, pharmacist, or those in related fields.

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Basic product overview

bulletKey Features & Functions, including…
bulletA .pdf of the “Key Features” sheet
bulletVarious functionality images
bulletSample messages in both .html and .doc formats
bulletThe Medical Science Behind the QT-Watch
bulletA FAQ about The QT-Watch and the reasons it was developed
bulletPress releases for…
bulletMedical journals in both .html and .pdf formats

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Want to know even more?
For more personal attention, details about upcoming lectures and seminars, and how to offer the QT-Watch to your patients (including professional discount pricing, patient handouts, and point-of-sale materials) send e-mail to


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